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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain





Pain in your back? Problem is in your front!


Pain is almost never in the site of the problem. Patients frequently come to Mobo Physio with back pain and upon examination, the culprit is often the hips and usually a simple hip flexor stretch will alleviate most of their back pain. While it is not always this straightforward, if we consider that more and more people are sitting in front of the computer all day, we can easily see the link between back pain and hip dysfunction.

Sitting in front of a computer all day causes the entire front side of your body to get shorter and your back side is fighting to keep your body upright and hold your head up. Over time you are basically becoming shaped like the chair you are sitting in! Has your mom ever told you, stop making that face or it will stay that way? Well she was right.. stop pretending to be a chair because you will start to look like one!

The negative effects of prolonged sitting continue when you stand up. As you stand, you are being pulled forward by the shortened fascia at the front of your body and your back muscles have to contract like crazy just to hold you up! The fascia in the front of your body exerts 2,000lbs per square inch of force pulling you forward! How do you expect your back to compete??

Forget core stability exercises, spinal manipulation, drugs and injections to get you to stop looking like a chair. Here are 2 yoga postures that can help you with this problem! The first is a Cobra position and the Second called the Camel position.

Sitting in a slouched in a chair here is a description of

what happens in the body joint by joint:

Upper neck - extension

lower neck -  flexion

thoracic spine  - flexion

lower back  - flexion

hips - flexion

knees - flexion

Look at what happens to the joints in the cobra position:

Upper neck - extension
lower neck - flexion

thoracic spine - extension

lower back - extension

hip - extension

knees - extension

ankle - plantar flexion

If you read this, it is kind of obvious that these exercises are perfect to help with undoing the adverse affects of sitting for prolonged periods!

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